The Peggy Sutherland Site aims to support students, researchers and practitioners in the nursing and allied health professions. Anyone considering a nursing or allied health career or researching health topics will find extensive information and links to websites here.

About Peggy Sutherland

Margaret Joan (Peggy) Sutherland was born in Coalhurst, Alberta in 1927. An excellent student, she earned the Lt.-Governor’s Prize for Math when she graduated from high school. She subsequently moved to Vancouver and entered the School of Nursing at St. Paul’s Hospital,graduating in 1950. During her training, she met Hugh Sutherland and they married in 1951. Peggy Sutherland cared deeply for others through her nursing service, her volunteer activities, her many lifelong friendships, and most importantly her devotion to family. She was an enthusiastic volunteer, often in conjunction with her children’s activities, giving her time to causes such as Brownies and Pioneer Girls, Candy Striper programs in the hospital, and teaching Sunday School. Her love of life extended to learning and providing opportunities for others. That generous spirit is represented in the opportunities for nursing students, health care professionals and members of the community to enhance their learning through the resources linked to this site and made possible by the Peggy Sutherland Memorial Library Endowment.

About the Sutherland Foundation - Rodger Stanton and Peggy Sutherland Endowment Funds

The Sutherland Foundation has a particular interest in health-related education, research and care.

In 1998, the Foundation donated $1 million to establish the Rodger Stanton Memorial Library Endowment. This fund was created in honor of Rodger Stanton, a BC surgeon. He attended the UBC Faculty of Medicine in 1956 before interning in internal medicine in Michigan and Washington. He returned to BC in 1958, and spent the next 19 years working as a surgeon and coroner at practices throughout BC before passing away in 1977. To honour his memory, a library trust was founded in 1978 at St. Paul’s Hospital to acquire resources for hospital staff. In 1998, the Sutherland Foundation donated additional funding to create the Rodger Stanton Memorial Library Collection. In 2001, the endowment moved to UBC and is used to purchase materials for all of the Life Sciences Libraries.

In 2000, the Foundation gave another $1 million gift to establish the Peggy Sutherland Memorial Library Endowment, also within the Life Sciences Libraries. The endowment, the important library resources it funds, and the great learning it makes possible, are a tribute to Mrs. Peggy Sutherland. The fund is used to support acquisitions of on-line resources in the Life Sciences Libraries in the areas of nursing, allied health, breast cancer and women's health. The focus on on-line resources provides 24-hour access for many users, including nurses, nursing students and others who may work varying hours and/or live outside the Vancouver area.

The impact of the funds on the Life Sciences Libraries has been enormous. Since 2000, nearly 5,000 books have been purchased, including Confessions of Emergency Room Doctors, Photographic Atlas of the Body, and The Social Context of Birth. The endowment also offers access to electronic resources such as MD Consult and Harrison’s Online. It also helps to further the education of life sciences workers through the purchase of library materials. The endowment enables UBC Library to offer users access to world-class medical books and electronic collection.

Endowments are helping UBC students, faculty members, and researchers pursue their passion, strive for excellence, and take their achievements into the world. Endowments have a powerful impact by providing enduring resources, building a strong foundation for generations and creating meaningful legacies. Donor commitment enhances teaching, expands research, supports faculty positions, improves facilitates and equipment, provides student awards, and much more. Support is helping attract outstanding students, teachers and researchers, and plays a key role in helping UBC achieve a position among the world’s globally influential universities.

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